Wet feet and a team at its limit.

I’ll remember this day all my life as an incredible GS day! It starts with an old small ferry to cross Mekong River, crowded with dozens of young Lao people on feet or on small motorbikes. Once on the other side we hit a narrow dirt road heading west towards Hongsa, with 130 km before we get to the asphalt.

I really enjoy following Eric and his GS on this red soil, moving my body to transfer mass on sharp bends and in full appreciation of an amazing mountain forest landscape. But after 20 km, the dark sky starts to pour drops on us and the track becomes slippery. Eric stops and we have a short briefing to assess the situation with two options: one, we go back to Luang Prabang and take another main waterproof dirt road to Sayaburi. Two, we take our chance and keep moving forward towards the dark and adapt to the situation. I give my ok for option two so since I’m here to learn GS off-road riding.

It starts with five river crossings and a narrow red soil track across forest. So far so good. In small villages we slow down to say hi to the kids and check on everybody. Two off-road riders have joined us from Luang Prabang to see the new GS in action …

Read the whole story with plenty of video and photo footage of the tour at http://www.bmw-motorrad.com/gs

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