Taking off on the new GS and a night under the stars.

We start the day with a rock’n roll drag race on an old gravel airstrip left by the American after Vietnam War. That was the AIR AMERICA program of the CIA who used to come to Laos to trade weapons for opium. The perfect opportunity for me to unleash the full power of my GS, and see how it feels when the whole gang of 125 horses are out of the stable.

We then leave north towards Phou Kol and after riding up a narrow winding road in mountains, we stop at a lookout at 1400 m with an amazing million-dollar view. With a plate of chicken red curry as a snack, we refill enough energy to return enjoying flip-flap angles on hundreds of bends … 150 km of fun road that lead me to Phonsavan where we stop for the night. A unique mix of asphalt, dirt and surreal landscapes …

Read the whole story with plenty of video and photo footage of the tour at http://www.bmw-motorrad.com/gs

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