Married to a beautiful creature

At 4.00 pm the whole group is ready, and we all 5 GS head off to ride to a surprise destination. In fact we ride to the BMW Motorrad dealership in Las Vegas where we are welcomed by a cheering crowd of 30 GS riders and where we spend couple hours presenting the new GS for the first time and sharing our experiences from this US tour. I feel very comfortable with all these guys and we’re having good time until big Shawn takes the microphone and announces to everybody present that they are all invited to my wedding in Vegas at 7.00 pm today!

I look at Eric with a big question mark on my face and seeing his smile I understand what it was all about. I’m going to marry my GS today in Vegas! Where else! It makes sense. Where else? I love the idea! We all jump on our bikes and ride to the south of town towards the White Little Chapel. Everything has already been organized for my great day. We then spend the most exiting and hilarious moments of my US trip in this small chapel with our local BMW friends to confirm my love for my new GS.

The ceremony is an amazing outpouring of friendship and emotion. And the final touch nearly makes me come undone. Elvis appears to my favorite Presley song «Love me tender» at my wedding. No details are forgotten here and I am married to a beautiful creature for the first time in my life. Thanks to all the team! These freaks have planned this special event for me in such a unique city. I will never ever forget it!

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