Laos or the adventure of a lifetime!

This is my last day of my journey in Laos. And once again it will make my soul and heart shine for long hours…

Prasit is a Thai whom Eric met during the survey he made last October, and this BMW enthusiast has come all away from Bangkok on his 2011 R 1200 GS special edition to discover the new GS and share some kilometres with me.

And Klaus is a Viking from Oslo who heard about the Laos tour project from Eric, who he knew. He booked a flight from Norway, rented a small trail bike in Vientiane and came especially to meet me and ride the last leg of the trip with me.

Today, Eric and I leave Xayabouri with four trail riders behind me- Klaus, Prasit, Florian of BMW Motorrad on a local trail bike and Thierry our guide on his 600 R. I don’t know how to explain it but this is my best moment of the whole tour. Motorcycling is sometimes a selfish hobby when you ride your bike but when you’re on the road nothing is better than to share it with other riders with the same values and passion for travel …

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