In the jungle

Herbert touring in New Zealand Day 3: So many different landscapes, amazing roads and tracks, different climate zones and exciting encounters. And all in the great spirit of motorcycling.

We met Roscoe, who has been working in the mining industry for 30 years and he invites us to visit his shed where we gape at his spectacular toys: 5 or 6 green trail bikes, 1 vintage shining blue Ford F100, an immaculate AC Cobra 427, a BMW X6 and 3 choppers. Yes, this guy owns 3 helicopters! Roscoe challenges me to a race: my GS against his AC Cobra on public roads. That’s not entirely legal but it is tempting.
The last hour of the day’s ride, with Eric on his bike, Frank on his 2012 GS Adventure and me on the new GS, turns into the most amazing ride of my life along the lakes Waraka and Hawea, with great flow and technical sections on winding hilly roads offering magical views. We enjoy it so much that we decide to do it again right away the other way round, going back to Makarora. I have tears in my eyes, this is joy at its purest … I will never forget this run!

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